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The miraculous village Perevosnoe

The bus excursion to the St.Yspenskij women monastery.

According to the legend to the village miraculous icons appeared. Nowadays it is the church property.

Villagers meet tourists with songs and bread, with salt, with all traditions of that place.

Time: 4 hours

Tchaikovsky is the town of a gidrostroitel

The bus excursion to the Votkinskaya Power Station.

It is the know fact that with the building of the station the town “grow”. It is the place where is the border between the Perm territory and Udmurt Republic.

Time: 2 hours

The small homeland of the composer

The bus excursion to Votkinsk.

In Votkinsk there is a memorial “The Museum estate of P.I. Tchaikovsky”. In 1840 the composer was born there. Since 1937 till 1848 years the family lived in that house. Today the house has the atmosphere of that time.

Time: 4 hours

The aristocratic mansion

The bus excursion to the mansion of the painter Svedomski.

In the place of the unique natural beauty and the gorgeous pond there is the noble house of the painter Svedomski, nowadays it is a museum.

The pictures of the painter are in different places of Russia and abroad. In 1889 in Paris the picture “Jacquerie” was awarded with a gold medal.

The resolution of the Governor of Perm territory since 1998 it is the cultural monument.

Time: 2 hours

The historical center of “the unhistorical town”

The bus excursion.

Tchaikovsky was founded on the place of the ancient village Saygatka, which was known from the XVII. On the street of that village there is an ancient monuments – the hut of believer which was build in the XVIII. In that hut tourist will learn all the traditions of that time. Near that place there is a square of Tchaikovsky where tourists will get the information of the town.

Time: 2 hours

Sport in Tchaikovsky

The Bus Excursion.

In Tchaikovsky there is the Federal center for winter sports, which is work since 2012.

The complex consists of 5 springboards with all modern equipments, the system of winter and summer ski run, artificial snow. There is an artificial turf for summer jumps. All parameters match to the rules of FIS.

The total length of ski trails is 4 km.

After the opening it is the place for many Russians and International competitions.

Time: 2 Hours

Tchaikovsky is the cultural capital of Perm territory

Tchaikovsky is the cultural capital of Perm territory.The Bus Excursion.

Tchaikovsky is one of the towns in Russia which named by a composer.

During the excursion tourists will get acquainted with the musical traditions of the town. The buss will pass through the Kabalevskaya Street, named after the famous Russian composure, who had an initiation of conducting the festival for children. Also you will visit the festival symbol - “The Pioneer song” ,the square of the Art and Tchaikovsky where the monument is situated.

During the excursion all musical events will be covered. It is the International Academy for Young Composers, the festival “Children for children”, “The Indian Autumn”, “Sretenskie meetings”

Time: 1.5-2 Hours